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About us

EIC Industry Group Corporation is a U.S. based company, providing full-service, custom manufactured OEM parts to Fortune 500 companies and small privately owned companies for over 20 years.  As a leader in custom manufacturing we focus on delivering high quality cost effective product solutions by handling the complete manufacturing process and/or assembly from inception to delivery of final product to your warehouse. 
Being competitive in the world markets requires a combination of quality, technology, price, marketing savvy and after-sale service. Purchasing has a direct bearing on factors affecting the company's competitive position in the marketplace.
Why you should consider partnering with us?
  • You want to reduce the cost of purchased materials
  • You want your suppliers to truly compete for your business
  • Your current supplier isn't achieving desired annual productivity
  • Your current source (or the domestic industry) doesn't have the capacity to meet production needs
  • You think you can't get to the next level of quality with your current supplier
  • You have a new product that requires a new skill set or technology that your current supplier can' offer
  • You want to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition
We provide customized and adaptable manufacturing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each customer.
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